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“Dear Anna,

Your book will help both children and teenagers understand a classmate who has severe autism. Sensory problems are difficult for children to understand. They will also learn from the book that a person with autism can develop into an adult who is valued for his/her abilities. ”

Temple Grandin, author

Did You Know?

Every 20 minutes, another child is diagnosed with autism, making autism more prevalent than Down syndrome, childhood diabetes and childhood cancer combined”, relays Easter Seals.

Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates an average of 1 in 110 children in the United States have an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

My book GREEN MITTENS COVERED HER EARS - A Look at Autism - creates awareness and provides understanding about autism.

It will influence readers as it addresses the areas; we need to become educated, we need to look beyond the obvious, and that there can be success for people with differing abilities.

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A Look at Autism

Book on Autism

Dear Reader,

To satisfy the curiosity in all of us my non-fiction book provides a glimpse into the world of someone who has autism. GREEN MITTENS COVERED HER EARS - A Look at Autism - is about Jessica who has autism, and through a developing friendship with me and my identical twin sister shared her autistic world, resulting in us learning about the many obsessions that annoyed or delighted her, and the different behaviors that they triggered.

During our high school senior year and a summer job we held as Jessica’s companions, we learned that Jessica is a person who has a disability, not a disability with a person inside. Because people with disabilities have to adjust to the world, my twin sister and I worked with Jessica on controlling her behaviors and gaining skills so she was more socially acceptable and had more independence. We influenced her life and she in turn touched ours.

As a 27-year veteran teacher in both Special and Inclusive Education classrooms, I can attest for the need to create awareness and provide understanding about others who are different. A person in a wheelchair has an identifiable disability, but somebody with autism has a disability that is not so easily recognized.

Inclusive Education, in which Special Needs students are educated within General Education settings, is at the forefront. Consequently, our youth are exposed to people with autism in their schools and communities. Younger children are accepting of others, but by grade 2, students begin to act differently toward those who are not like them. By third grade, students do not accept others who are different despite inclusive education, and programs that teach tolerance and acceptance. That mindset continues.

From my firsthand experience as someone who has had a lifelong friendship with an autistic person, I can say that this book is for everyone because people will learn that there is more than meets the eye.

 “There are 1.5 million Americans living with the effects of autism spectrum disorder,” the Autism Society of America indicates. The research shows that parents want their children to be liked by others and they want their children to reach their fullest potential.

GREEN MITTENS COVERED HER EARS - A Look at Autism - shows that people with disabilities can become productive and contributing members to society, through understanding, assistance and encouragement.

I hope you enjoy reading this story.


Anna Saldo-Burke, Ed.D.

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